For help on using your website management system, please go to This is an excellent resource to get started with your new account.

Q. What control panel/website management system does use?
A. We use Direct Admin which is a very powerful but very light weight control panel. Unlike many others, it is very fast and secure.

Q. How do I login to my control panel?
A. Point your browser to
You can also use to login

Q. How long does it take for my account to be setup?
A. Most acccounts are setup within a few hours. If your account has not been setup within 48 hours, please email

Q. What types of payments do you accept?
A. We accept Paypal, Credit card via Paypal, and check. Contact us for our address to mail payments.

Q. Where do I put my html?
A. Put your html and anything else that is made to be on your webpage in your 'public_html' directory.

Q. Where do I put cgi scripts?
A. Put cgi scripts in your "cgi-bin" directory located in the 'public_html' directory.

Q. Do you keep backups of users files?
A. No we do not. We recommend that each customer keeps their own backups of any data on our servers, on one of their own systems. is not liable for any data lost.

Q. Where should my nameservers point to?
A. and

Q. I changed my nameservers, how come I cant view my website?
A. This must update across the whole internet and usually takes 24-72 hours to take effect. You can however view you uploaded website before the name servers are updated by pointing your browser to

Q. Can you register my domain for me?
A. At this moment we do not offer this service. However you can register your domain name at many registars. We recommend or

Q. The hosting plans you offer don't fit my needs, can I get a custom plan?
A. Yes we can make a custom plan to fit your needs. Please email if you need a custom plan.

Q. What happens if I run out of disk space?
A. You can easily upgrade to the next available hosting package that we offer.

Q. How do I configure my pop3 email client?
A. You must use your username@yourdomain as the account name in your email client. To send email using SMTP you must login securely.

Q. How do I upload my webpage?
A. You can use the file manager within the control panel or use an FTP client such as CuteFTP. If you use FTP, use your domain name as the host along with your website management user name and password. You can also create additional ftp users when logged into your website management system.

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